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About us

Lugo-Radillo Laboratory is a lab focused in scientific research to mainly understand the molecular processes that start and control aging; as well as to develop rejuvenation and aging reversion/delaying strategies. Likewise, our studies aim to find new treatments for degenerative diseases and age-related disorders.


Moreover, we are dedicated to scientifically study the biological effects of the plants used in the traditional medicine of Mexico to find new chemical compounds that could be used as novel anti-aging drugs and for the treatment of several degenerative and age-related diseases; Furthermore, through this process we scientifically probe the medicinal use of these vegetal species.


Additionally, we also perform epidemiological studies of human pathologies.

Who we are

We are a team of highly qualified professionals and postgraduate students under the direction of Dr. Agustin Lugo-Radillo.

At present we are located in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Oaxaca, Mexico, where we run several research projects.


At the present, we search for new chemical compounds in the vegetal species used in the traditional medicine of Mexico, that could be used as novel drugs to delay or revert aging and to treat several degenerative and age-related diseases. 

Research topics:

  • Anti-aging or age-delaying molecules.
  • Biomedical Gerontology.
  • Biogerontology.
  • Ethnopharmacology. 
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Degenerative and age-related diseases.
  • Cancer. 
  • COVID-19. 
  • Dengue fever.
  • Psychological stress.
  • Healthy life expectancy.



Principal Investigator

Academic background:

PhD in Molecular and Genetic Medicine – The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

MSc in Molecular and Genetic Medicine – The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Medical Doctor – University of Colima, Mexico.


Research experience:

2014-present        Professor – National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), Mexico.

2009-2012             Professor – National Institute for Geriatrics, Mexico.

2009-2013             Visiting Professor – Faculty of Medicine, University of Colima, Mexico.



Awarded scholarships:

2005-2009 MSc and PhD Full CONACYT Scholarships.

2007   Ellison Medical Foundation. Molecular Biology of Aging Course; MBL, Massachusetts, USA. 

My passion is to discover molecular and genetic strategies to end human and animal suffering by delaying and reversing aging and, therefore, degenerative and age-related diseases; similarly, we search for new molecules to directly treat the pathologies that affect the human being as it ages.

I started as a postgraduate student under the supervision of Professor Thomas Helleday; once I finished my PhD at the University of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom, I contributed to the establishment of the National Institute for Geriatrics, where I worked as Principal Investigator for 3 years; Afterwards, I started working at the National Council for Research and Technology of Mexico as a Researcher; my lab is located in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Oaxaca, Mexico.  

My main goals as supervisor of future scientists are to achieve that my students reach a top and competitive international quality level; and that they enjoy doing their research and postgraduate studies in a joyful, motivational and peaceful work environment.


Master´s Student

Pamela loves lab work; in her research she looks for new molecules that could be used as anti-aging drugs and for the treatment of Diabetes mellitus and many other degenerative diseases.

Working with her will guarantee you to learn new lab techniques.

«I am happy working with Dr. Lugo-Radillo; the working environment is super nice and toxic-free; my work in the lab is valued by the doctors and peers at it and I have nothing to worry about, so I can completely focus in my research; besides, Dr. Lugo-Radillo knows a lot and has a great way to teach, which makes you passionate about your research project.»

Emmanuel García

Master´s Student

Emmanuel looks in his research for new anti-aging drugs and for new treatments for degenerative diseases and age-related diseases.

 «I greatly enjoy the idea of discovering potentially novel drugs and of characterizing their mechanisms of action. In this lab I have passed from being a spectator, to being a creator of knowledge and techniques. I am very happy here.»

 Emmanuel is a good lab mate; with him, you could learn about sampling, taxonomy and Botany.

 In his free time, Emmanuel has as hobbies birdwatching and photography, as well as gardening, specially of cacti, succulents and lilies; besides sharing his time with Robin, his dog.


Master´s Student

Cintia enjoys being in the lab more than being in any other place. She looks for new drugs in the plants of Oaxaca and Mexico that could be useful to treat several diseases. Cintia is a Clinical Chemist, so she already has plenty of experience of lab work.

She is very dedicated and responsible, besides being happy every day at the lab.

In her free time, she loves to do some running and folk dancing, and to watch horror movies and anime. At home she also takes care of her beloved dog Milo; If Milo could talk, he would tell how good she pampers him.

“I enjoy working at Lugo-Radillo Laboratory, because it is like being a chef in a science kitchen, in which we mix and bake our previous skills with new ingredients, producing delicious discoveries that nourish the advance of the scientific knowledge”

Karla García

Research Assistant

Karla looks for new molecules in plants of several geographies which could be used to delay or to reverse aging and to treat degenerative and age-related diseases, such as Diabetes mellitus or Cancer.

 «I like quite a lot the work I do in the lab; to discover things is exciting, it thrills me; besides, the lab team is excellent».

Karla is a great biologist, very dedicated, responsible and smart; she is also very happy; she loves nature, cold days, to spend time with her pets, watch tv series and cartoons, and to listen to music. She is a great person and a great friend, and she is also crazy about design and creativity, having a laugh and good sense of humor.

At home she cares after Puki -her naughty and beautiful female Chihuahua dog-, Bruno -her pretty hamster- and Pepe and Felipe -her loved and loyal parrots-.

Odalys Rodríguez

Research Assistant

Odalys is a biologist committed to offer excellent teaching. With her you could learn many of the techniques we use in the lab. Her communication skills and positivity will make you wish to join our team.

She is cheerful and friendly, and her smile is contagious; she loves animals. In her spare time, she is our super photographer. She is passionate about fish and aquariums; and she is interested about everything around aquatic life.

She will be your tour guide in your visit to Oaxaca.

Her favorite fictional character is Harley Quinn, she loves it!

Xochitl Yamilet

Research Assistant

Xochitl works in the search for new drugs to delay and revert aging; besides of looking for treatments for various degenerative diseases, such as cancer. 

«Simple things are the most extraordinary things; however; in this lab I have also started to realize that there are extraordinary things composed by a big number of simple parts, and Dr. Lugo-Radillo has taught me these in a very easy way so to quickly understand them».

Xochitl is the latest lab member to join our team; she is cheerful, hardworking, kind, eager to learn and responsible.

Her hobbies are to watch tv series, gardening, and to take care and love Nala, her female dog.